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Inculcation Inculcation

Rated 5 / 5 stars


An incredibly well done horror game! I like how you took inspiration from the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series since they are my two favorite game series and I could actually see some elements and even something so direct like "There was a hole's gone now." which was very pleasant to see.

Like most good horror games it had a very tense atmosphere. There were very few jump out moments which heightened the tension. As of most flash point and click adventures this one had quite a few puzzles to solve. It also however had a good amount of action to either creep you out or lose some heightening tension about if anything was about to pop out.

I enjoyed this game fully and liked a few moments in the game that were genuinely creepey or made you think about the mentality of the character such as when he shot at a reflection in the mirror. Not only that but the final part was hair-raising and made you have to think fast.

Overall a great point and click horror game that was tremendously creepy.

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Dead Frontier: Outbreak Dead Frontier: Outbreak

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A Well-Made Zombie Outbreak Adventure!

Really great test. The story was also nicely made and enjoyed it a lot. People could easily connect with the character and sometimes feel what he's feeling if you were in that situation. The constant feelings of hopelessness and quick thinking. This could also help those who probably don't know what to do in a zombie outbreak if it ever happens. (choose the least populated path, evasive tactics, have a weapon, be fast)
Voice acting was well done to the guy who did it. Nice sound effects and music, not out of place at all.

My first time I survived, but got an E and did not save my wife. I had no idea though if the cutting the fingers off would work. Retried and got all A's, survived, and saved wife.
So I'm not a heartless bastard yay =)

Good job, loved it!

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The Gaming Quiz The Gaming Quiz

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A well made quiz

This quiz is as almost as best as a quiz gets.

First, it has a nice background picture. Who has never played a game with Mario in it? Really? If you haven't then your probably get like a 20% xD.

Next, the questions. The questions in the beginning were simple for any casual gamer. But as it went on it got harder and made you really think. It went deep into the gaming world and asked some really hard questions to see if you really were a hardcore gamer.

Questions should always be the main part of a Quiz and you asked all the right questions. You asked questions that most gamers have seen before, but had no idea what they were. If you were not a gamer, you would blow the quiz. If you were a hardcore gamer, this made you really think. I myself got "Hardcore Gamer", and I really enjoyed the quiz.

Overall, this was a well made quiz with excellent questions, a nice background, and quiz feeling music in the background (from Deal or no Deal? :P)


intrusion intrusion

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Intrusion Review: Icecry0

When I first saw Intrusion I thought this game was just going to be a Metal Gear Solid ripoff. Instead I got an action packed, exciting, jolting, fun game.

Graphics- The graphics were very well done. The main character had a mysterious look yet cool look to him. The scarf around his mouth probably meant that it was very cold out there, which is a good thing to add to make a realistic scenery. The projectiles looked nice, the enemy humans looked cool, the enemy robots extremely awesome.

Sound/Music-Although there was no music, the sound was incredibly well put together. If we had a newgrounds award for best sound effects this game would win by a landslide. The gun sounds were sooo realistic yet insanely cool at the same time. The explosions, orgasmic. Hearing the gun's projectiles smashing against metal, great. I insanely enjoyed the last boss's sound effects though. Whenever he used his fire attack I heard a bolt of sound that echoed into my chest. . .amazing. The lack of music though is something we can deal with, because it would have hidden the sound of the sound effects which I wouldn't like :P

Gameplay-This seemed to take flash games sidescrolling shooters to the next level. Dodging bullets were the key to staying alive, emptying your clip into an enemy was another. It got more and more intriguing as the levels went on when even more and more enemies were introduced requiring you to do more and more different techniques. Just, wow!

Storyline-Some guy, probably an agent for an organization or something invades an enemy base that creates robots and kicks ass. Not really in depth, but extremely fun!

-The rag doll physics were unique to put into this game.
-Enemies were extremely fun to kill
-Boss battles, especially the last one, was fun to play.
-A challenge to push sidescrolling experts to the limit!
-Variety of enemies were outstanding!
-Final boss had wonderful sounds and attacks.
-The main character's weapons were great, a more variety of them will make this game much better though!

Things I reccomend:
-More weapons
-possibly music for boss battles and other.
-A more in depth storyline

Overall: Great graphics, Oscar worthy sound effects, A fun storyline but not much to it, Intriguing gameplay!

Final Score:

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Thing-Thing 4 Thing-Thing 4

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Thing-Thing 4 Review: Icecry0

Thing-Thing 4 is a good game but still has a bit of a problem inside the overall game.

Graphics- Smooth, and madness-like. However, when blood starts to spurt all over the screen we don't really have time to admire the graphics since the whole area is usually covered in blood. Bodies start to fly everywhere, gunfire everywhere, the masses of units seem to congest the setting and give us less time to enjoy the artistry of the area.

Sound/Music- The sounds were perfect for this type of action game. Although the guns start to get annoying at times when they shoot out from all directions, it still somewhat gives a realistic feeling. The music also fit well with the game fitting in with it's intense,action-packed,in-the-game moments.

Game play- the game play in the game however got a bit repetitive and didn't give users much control over the environment. In the game you basically walk, shoot, jump, shoot, shoot, shoot, kill. It gets pretty repetitive after a while. Also, The fact users didn't get to explore any more than a small, clustered, congested room was pretty boring. Although some areas were somewhat moderate in size it just felt I was going through hall after hall killing person after person over and over. I even felt claustrophobic in some areas since they felt so small and congested with dead bodies. Anyways, You might want to work on adding something else to the game that isn't very repetitive.

Story- The storyline was a fun. A bio-genetically made mutant running around killing security guards and wanting to kill the creator who made him. Toss in some odd scientists that make bio-weapons and security guards with illegal guns and you got something fun. A storyline that should surely have some good action :).

Other: This game however repetitive and frustrating it may be at times has for some reason a bit of magic dust put on it. For some reason although it had a lot of cons, it seemed slightly fun nonetheless. Mass murdering could be one persons favorite style of a game while another thinks it's fully repetitive and bland. Piles of bodies stacked on each other and puddles of blood could be ones idea of full scale fun and amusement while another might think of it as disgusting and a cliché. A crazy ass story with action packed inside it could be awesome to one person and complete nonsense to another. It fully depends on the person who plays this game on what he or she may think of it. This game you may hate with fury or you might crazily love it. It all depends on the player for this game, is unique, in an odd way.

-Also, it has a nice variety of costumes and designs for the character.
-A great variety of insane weapons.
-Masses of units with no knowledge of how long the area will take invokes frustration.
-Regeneration healing is great
-Dodging concept is wonderful.

Overall- A game with smooth graphics until masses of blood and bodies fill the screen, intense music, a pretty repetitive game with not much freedom, a fun storyline, a nice variety of costumes and designs for characters, a great variety of weapons, masses of units with no idea when it will end promotes frustration, the regeneration healing is an awesome addition, dodging concept is wonderful.

Nice job overall, but their needs to be some improvements.

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Ryokan Ryokan

Rated 4 / 5 stars

An Addictive Puzzler

First off I have to say this is great puzzler that seems to have some parts from tetris.

The graphics were nice and smooth which are perfect for a puzzle game.

The sounds/Music were also enjoyable while trying to solve the puzzle. It helps give somewhat a smooth feel while you play the game.

The puzzle itself was very interuging although it seemed to be somewhat non orignal because it seemed alot like tetris. Other than that this had solid puzzles that made people have to think quickly and throughly.

Overall a game with smooth graphics, enjoyable music, intrequing puzzles, but yet not a so much original feel.

Nice work!

Dead Frontier Night Three Dead Frontier Night Three

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Better than before!

This game had quite fast gameplay and nice graphics but had a couple weak points.

The story: seems to be your average zombie story. Breakout here, marine there, caught in city with hordes of zombies, get to the helecopter(resident evil, anyone?). Even though the story wasn't orignial, it was atleast quite entertaining to play in.

Graphics: The graphics were fine throughout the game except for some choppiness in the characters. In the beggining I thought that girl was a zombie and fired at her until I realized, "Oh it's that girl xD",. Other than the slight choppiness the graphics were fine throughout.

Gameplay: The Gameplay was smooth and excellent. The shooting was nicely done and not impossible, the fact I could explore pretty much anywhere I wanted to(atleast going to the helecopter) was great, and also there were different areas with harder zombies each time.

Sound/Music: The sound was really clear and noticable. The Zombies sounded like zombies, the guns sounded cool guns, and the people dieing sounded like...people dieing. The sound effects were nicely put in and I give a bravo to that. The music was eery in the menu, but hectic in the real game....which is fine because your escaping from a zombie filled city attacking you from every corner while your franticly trying to get to the helecopter on time :).

Other: Well i'd just have to say the text the guy was saying got a little annoying after he said the same line around a hundred times, but it might be good for the MMO(the text just not saying the line a hundred times :p). Also, the AI was pretty ok but the girl wasn't the most sharpest tack in the drawer. The fact she practicly RAN UP to zombies just to get eaten made me mad at times. It would be best that she stay close to one of the guys since shes unarmed.....ALL THE TIME.

Overall a fastpaced game with good graphics, ok AI, an exciting yet non orignal storyline, fantastic gameplay, and superb music and sound.


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Song Stages Song Stages

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Frustrating, Frustrating, Frustrating.

Yes this overall was a very fun game, but having to restart the level again and again over and over after you half a second away from winning gets some people frustrated. Me? I was about to throw my computer out the window immediatly which was how frutrated I am. This was addicting but extremely ignorant to the people which means Time Consuming + Frustrating = I'm going to kill the creator. Make another one of these and i'll get an armarda to blam it :).

13 Days in Hell 13 Days in Hell

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fun and Hard

This game, I have to admit, has great 3D graphics! I felt tense throughout the game trying to aim well and kill the zombie like monsters. I quite enjoyed this game and it was aboslutly terrifying when they ran up to you and zig zagged, while you still had to kill them. This game was of course hard and challanging, but thats what you expect from a good game right?

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Dead Frontier: Night Two Dead Frontier: Night Two

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Adequete game

This is a pretty good arcadish game, it has a creepy atmosphere, good guns, and huge zombies, all this will probably satisify a zombie fan. One thing I disliked about this game were that when you reach 99% it never goes to 100% (maybe if you kill all the zombies or something which seems stupid to me). I would've liked a proper ending other than always having "The Zombies tore your limbs blah blah blah", I mean if that guy dies, then theres no part three since he's already dead...

That was pretty much the only thing that made me frustrated, other than that it's a pretty adequete game with medicore graphics(oh yes I said medicore), but a good amount of action to satisfy zombie lovers.


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JaggedBladeSoftware responds:

Can you PM a link to me to something that you would give a 10/10 on graphics? Just interested.