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I always imagine that a flash video maker that doesn't make any films for a year or two has probably stopped making them, so this is a nice surprise to finally see a new film from you and made me think that good flash films take longer to create.

Anyway the film was superb. I'm sure everyone is surprised at how well the stick figures looked in this movie, they've actually looked like they improved somehow from the other movies. Maybe it was just the focus on Private Ray which made it somehow feel more real.

Very tension filled, also a nice climax and cliffhanger at end. Good film!

Get-lost responds:

Thanks man. :)


I'll just get right to this,

The storyline: None obviously, just a bunch of dancing that was unfunny, or creative in any way. A storyline is something you should actully include in any basic flash....but this isn't a flash so wtf is it doing here?

Graphics/video: Umm...its you lip synching to a song... what more information could I possibly give about this other than the fact it was choppy?

Sound/Music: No sound, and one song. I thought the song before this was odd but I could withstand listening to a few minutes of it, but when it's crossed with some 12 year old trying to be famous and acting like a dork, it just won't work.

Other: This is Newgrounds, a FLASH WEBSITE! Videos like this belong to YOU TUBE, don't confuse the two.

Suggestions: Yes I watched the whole thing and was annoyed entirely from the fact you dancing like a dork to a blastphomas song. What you should do, delete this and post it on youtube since this isn't flash, put some actual effort in your flashes/videos, don't show your face in a video ever again. I felt I was watching some sort of cheap kitty porn throughout the movie.

How you could improve this: You can't really, but in FLASHES that you create on NEWGROUNDS instead of VIDEOS that should be posted on YOUTUBE, you should
a)Put some effort into the flash
b)give it a storyline
c) more sounds/effects/songs
d)make a decent script
e) actully work a bit on the graphics

Oh and also, don't be another Numa Numa wannabe, there will be no more popularity coming from videos like that anymore. That was a long time ago when people thought the internet was bs and well....look at it now!

Overall: a frustrating song, and aggrivating character, absolutely no plot, a cliche.

P.s.: If your going to make a video, it still needs a plot even for a music video, and it needs to be LESS OF AN AGGRIVATING CLICHE.
If your going to make a video, give it a plot, good characters, a fine setting, great sounds and effects, and GOOD ACTORS.
Oh and submit it to YOUTUBE NOT NEWGROUNDS.

I'll say it once more,
Newgrounds is a Flash Site
Youtube is a Video Site
You are at the WRONG SITE

Great Comedy Flash!

To start off, this flash had a nice plot that fitted nicely together. The characters we got to know some of them, but not all, but hey this is just a flash and this is not a flash series(unless your making the: Reverse Goatee XD). The art and animation was very good for my standards. I felt like the characters really felt real and had personalities that fitted them.

I felt the voice overs were very well done and were not out of synch. Also, overall this movie was a great comedic experince from a flash for me. I'm pretty sure this would impress many people who want to see a funny flash animation.

It's in my favorites too :D

Bobert-Rob responds:

Actually, it sort of IS a series, it just hasn't been around long enough for a series page or anything. This is episode 4, the first three being "Runesuck", "Don't wake Robby", and "Dog Daze of Boredom". "Day of the Devil" and "Pop a Cap" fit in there as well, but aren't technically episodes. Just so you know. Thanks for the review!

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An incredibly well done horror game! I like how you took inspiration from the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series since they are my two favorite game series and I could actually see some elements and even something so direct like "There was a hole here...it's gone now." which was very pleasant to see.

Like most good horror games it had a very tense atmosphere. There were very few jump out moments which heightened the tension. As of most flash point and click adventures this one had quite a few puzzles to solve. It also however had a good amount of action to either creep you out or lose some heightening tension about if anything was about to pop out.

I enjoyed this game fully and liked a few moments in the game that were genuinely creepey or made you think about the mentality of the character such as when he shot at a reflection in the mirror. Not only that but the final part was hair-raising and made you have to think fast.

Overall a great point and click horror game that was tremendously creepy.

A Well-Made Zombie Outbreak Adventure!

Really great test. The story was also nicely made and enjoyed it a lot. People could easily connect with the character and sometimes feel what he's feeling if you were in that situation. The constant feelings of hopelessness and quick thinking. This could also help those who probably don't know what to do in a zombie outbreak if it ever happens. (choose the least populated path, evasive tactics, have a weapon, be fast)
Voice acting was well done to the guy who did it. Nice sound effects and music, not out of place at all.

My first time I survived, but got an E and did not save my wife. I had no idea though if the cutting the fingers off would work. Retried and got all A's, survived, and saved wife.
So I'm not a heartless bastard yay =)

Good job, loved it!

Intrusion Review: Icecry0

When I first saw Intrusion I thought this game was just going to be a Metal Gear Solid ripoff. Instead I got an action packed, exciting, jolting, fun game.

Graphics- The graphics were very well done. The main character had a mysterious look yet cool look to him. The scarf around his mouth probably meant that it was very cold out there, which is a good thing to add to make a realistic scenery. The projectiles looked nice, the enemy humans looked cool, the enemy robots extremely awesome.

Sound/Music-Although there was no music, the sound was incredibly well put together. If we had a newgrounds award for best sound effects this game would win by a landslide. The gun sounds were sooo realistic yet insanely cool at the same time. The explosions, orgasmic. Hearing the gun's projectiles smashing against metal, great. I insanely enjoyed the last boss's sound effects though. Whenever he used his fire attack I heard a bolt of sound that echoed into my chest. . .amazing. The lack of music though is something we can deal with, because it would have hidden the sound of the sound effects which I wouldn't like :P

Gameplay-This seemed to take flash games sidescrolling shooters to the next level. Dodging bullets were the key to staying alive, emptying your clip into an enemy was another. It got more and more intriguing as the levels went on when even more and more enemies were introduced requiring you to do more and more different techniques. Just, wow!

Storyline-Some guy, probably an agent for an organization or something invades an enemy base that creates robots and kicks ass. Not really in depth, but extremely fun!

-The rag doll physics were unique to put into this game.
-Enemies were extremely fun to kill
-Boss battles, especially the last one, was fun to play.
-A challenge to push sidescrolling experts to the limit!
-Variety of enemies were outstanding!
-Final boss had wonderful sounds and attacks.
-The main character's weapons were great, a more variety of them will make this game much better though!

Things I reccomend:
-More weapons
-possibly music for boss battles and other.
-A more in depth storyline

Overall: Great graphics, Oscar worthy sound effects, A fun storyline but not much to it, Intriguing gameplay!

Final Score:

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guitar was sexy, something catchy about this song

have more rough months

ChristianMossuto responds:

Lets hope not. Thanks to Tom renaming my account, Its pushed me into a better position to keep moving forward.
Thanks for the positive review man, This keeps me moving.

Ellie Goulding? Dubstep? 5.

The Drop? Let's just say I used to have eardrums...

Remix of a remix of a remix... and this remix is combining two remixes and making it's own remix. SOUNDS GOOD

Quagnoth responds:

its remixception lol and thanks man

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